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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


• Good stakeholder relations including Tribal Authorities, SALGA, Provincial Government, etc.
• Strong strategic partnerships and alliances
• Fully fledged management team
• A municipal logo that represents all key economic and social activities of the municipalitys


• Lack of understanding on the role of communication as strategic function
• Lack of cohesion with departments which leads to parallel programmes
• Nonexistent communication and marketing policy
• Limited marketing expertise
• Municipality does not have a brand management strategy as well as corporate identity manual


• Growth and investment opportunities exist due to the strategic location of the municipality
• Development of a Corporate identity manual to regulate the use of the logo and the corporate colors thereof
• Identify new marketing platforms to create awareness of the municipal services and what the municipality stands for.
• Profiling the municipality
• Seek assistance from marketing and branding stakeholders such as SALGA, GCIS to improve on brand managementv


• Lack of marketing and branding expertise
• Unforeseen disruptive labour disputes
• Lack of information security mechanisms
• Negative perception on the quality of municipal service provision
• The municipality does not have a high resolution logo
• There is no black and white logo, but only a full colour logo which may pose a challenge when placed on various coloured backgrounds

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