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Council Structure

Council Composition


The council performs both legislative and executive functions. They focus on legislative, oversight and participatory roles, and have delegated its executive function to the executive Mayor, and the Mayoral Committee. Their primary role is to debate issues publicly and to facilitate political debate and discussion. Apart from their functions as decision-makers, councillors are also actively involved in community work and the various social programmes in the municipal area.

Executive Committee

The Mayor of the Municipality, Councillor Makinda Andries Monageng assisted by the Executive Committee, heads the executive arm of the Municipality. The Mayor is at the centre of the system of governance, since powers are vested in the mayor to manage the day-to-day affairs of the municipality. This means that the mayor has an overarching strategic and political responsibility. Although accountable for the strategic direction and performance of the Municipality, the mayor operates in collaboration with the executive committee, committees of council and accounts to Council.

Portfolio Committees

Portfolio Committees are section 80 committees (i.t.o. the MStrA) which mean that they are permanent committees of Council that specialize in a specific functional area of the Municipality and may in some instances make decisions on specific functional issues. They advise the executive committee on policy matters and make recommendations to Council.

Duties and functions of the Council

As determined by the Constitution of South Africa section 160: A Municipal Council— (a) makes decisions concerning the exercise of all the powers and the performance of all the functions of the municipality; (b) must elect its chairperson; (c) may elect an executive committee and other committees, subject to national legislation; and (d) may employ personnel that are necessary for the effective performance of its functions.

(2) The following functions may not be delegated by a Municipal Council: (a) The passing of by-laws; (b) the approval of budgets; (c) the imposition of rates and other taxes, levies and duties; and (d) the raising of loans.

Mark Makinta Andries Monaheng