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Mayor’s Office

Mayor's Office

Hon. Cllr George Manyike

Mayor, George Manyike …


Moretele Local Municipality is a collective type Municipality run by the Executive Committee (EXCO). The Executive Committee is made out of five Members who head Portfolio Committees of Council including the Mayor as the Chairperson. The portfolio Committees are:

a) Planning & Development
b) Community Services and Public Safety
c) Infrastructure & Technical Services
d) Finance (Budget & Treasury Office) and Local Economic Development
e) Human Resource & Corporate Services
The current EXCO was established in August 2016 after Local Government Elections.

The Office of the Mayor directly administers Special Projects Programmes, i.e. HIV/ AIDS, Youth, Senior Citizens (Elderly), people with Disability, Women and Children. The Office of the Mayor works with all relevant stakeholders for outreach programmes.

The Office of the Mayor oversees overall legislation responsibilities assigned to the Mayor for accountability purposes. MLM Mayor Makinta Andries Monaheng is supported by the Manager: in his office and the Municipal Manager, Mr Isaac Shimane Maroga as the head of Administration.


The functions of the Mayor are set out in the Municipal Structures Act.
The mayor is elected by the Municipal council to co-ordinate the work of the Municipality and appoints the Mayoral Committee.
The municipal manager is directly accountable to the mayor. The mayor appoints the municipal manager and heads of departments upon resolution of the Council.


• Identify the needs of the municipality and review and evaluate those needs in order of priority.
• Recommend to the council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan.
• Recommend or determine the best way to deliver those strategies.
• Identify and develop criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of the strategies and programmes can be evaluated. Evaluate progress against the key performance indicators.

Hon. Cllr George Manyike
Hon. Cllr George Manyike