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Budget & Treasury

Budget & Treasury

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management Unit Manages the Municipality’s income. This is done by ensuring the following:

• Funds due to the Municipality are correctly and timeously billed and collected;
• accurate and transparent accounting processes and policies are in place and compliant with relevant legislations;
• there is management and control over the funds received by the Municipality;
• elected officials can confidently take accountability for the public funds due and payable to the Municipality;
• financial reporting is provided to the Municipality, other stakeholders and the community in general;
• all outstanding monies are efficiently collected in a dignified and humane manner in terms of the Council’s Credit Control and Debt Collection By-law and Policy with indigent relief; and the approved policies and business processes to meet the Council’s objectives are all aligned.

Expenditure Management

The expenditure Unit is responsible for ensuring that accurate and timeous payments to the Municipality’s suppliers, councillors, officials and third parties. This is done by ensuring the following:

• processing of all purchase order invoices, sundry payment requests, and disbursements are processed timeously.
• timeous payment to employees, councillors and third parties.
• Assist and guide the other department on financial and administrative matters and ensure that they are financially compliant and spend within their respective allocated budgets.

Asset Management

The Asset Management section is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the Assets of Moretele Local Municipality

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management unit manages the supply and acquisition of various goods and services to or on behalf of the Municipality. These include tenders for construction works, general and professional services, the disposal of goods no longer needed, and the selection of contractors to assist in the provision of municipal services.

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